A whole NEW era of photography technology has arrived!

The new state-of-the-art camera systems are designed to put powerful photo taking abilities right into the palm of your hands.

Yes, with a little know-how you can unleash the power of your phone to effortlessly take amazing, professional looking photos the quality of which has never been seen before.

Major phone manufacturers have even recently made huge commitments to perfecting and revolutionising the way we take photos.

An example of this was demonstrated when one of the largest phone manufacturers in the World recently acquired a major traditional photo lens manufacturing company in order to integrate their processes and experience of manufacturing high quality lenses to further enhance their product’s photo taking performance.

So, you have access to convenience and incredible new camera hardware and software that is designed to be carried with you everywhere. These devices also have the added benefit of being able to make a phone call or two plus a trillion other features. 

Yes, never before has the power of the mobile phone provided such amazing potential for lovers of photography. However, like anything technical it can often be overwhelming for the average user to fully embrace….. . and sadly, most never utilise the features and benefits and thus never get to enjoy the optimum photo potential of their phone’s camera capabilities.


Does this sound like you?

  • Do you want to know how to take better photos with your iPhone than most people normally take with an expensive DSLR camera?
  • Do you want to go beyond just snapshots and know how to easily it is to create breath-taking images with real “WOW” factor?
  • Would you like to know the secrets of how to unleash the real hidden power of your phone’s latest “cutting-edge” technology and photo taking capabilities?
  • Do you find yourself taking hundreds of shots just to be sure about getting a good one.
  • Do you have Are you able to quickly and easily find all your favourite photos?
  • Do you now find that your expensive camera sits at home while you take most of your photos with the iPhone?


If any of the above sounds like you, and you would like to discover new ideas and techniques to make your photo taking experience easier, more fun and the results nothing short of spectacular….  you are in the right place!

This website is here to share the latest tips, tricks and information to inspire you to take amazing iPhone photos. We are here to help and to show you how easy it is to master the latest smartphone technology.

Welcome to

Welcome to a New World of Photography!

Shot with iPhone 6
Shot with iPhone 6


Incredible Photographs with just your SmartPhone

Believe it or not, if you want to take “mind blowing” photos and totally impress your family and friends, look no further!

There is no need to lug around your bulky DSLR or be a Photoshop Guru to create wonderful images,  wherever you go.

With your phone and a few select, easy to use Apps,  and information you will  have everything you need to take better photos than most people can take with their expensive DSLR.

At iPhoneography Courses, we work with highly experienced professionals who are excited to share their knowledge so you will easily learn how to master the art of taking amazing photos….. even if you’ve never really been interested in photography before.


One of the most important things that you will learn  is… “It is not about your equipment…. It’s the way you use it” !  Believe  us, we’ve seen people with the most expensive of cameras struggle with taking even half reasonable shots and often these top end cameras have settings that most people would find totally confusing and difficult to use.

Here, our goal is for you to find everything explained in very simple, easy to understand terms so you can start taking stunning shots ( just like the ones you see on this page)…. and you don’t even need the latest phone.  We’ll show you how.


Shoot and Share Great Photographs is so much easier on the Camera You Always Have With You

The most commonly used camera in the world is now a smartphone. With millions of people just like you taking shots everyday.  But, only very few are using their phone to it’s full creative potential.
This means that many are missing out on enjoying the benefits that their phone’s camera offers.  



FACT: Throughout the World, there are more photographs taken on a smartphone in just one second than by DSLR’s in one year!

shutterstock_233850043Yes, amazing statistics and now is the time for you to unleash the potential of creating amazing photos on your phone!

We’ve partnered with one of the world’s leading photographers – Anthony Cottrell – to create a fascinating workshop for all Smart Phone owners to take incredible photos with their device.

Say goodbye to your cumbersome SLR Camera as you are about to learn how to create photos no-one will believe were captured on your phone.


Get ready to take your phone and your photography to the next level…..

shutterstock_235761997Your class will be conducted by one of the World’s most experienced professional photographers, and for an investment of only $495 in your 3 Hour class, you’ll be among a unique group who will together be discovering the basics of creating mind-blowing images and how to unleash the magic and full potential of your phone’s camera and it’s settings.

In your workshop, iPhone and Smart Phone Photography will be broken down into the three main skills you’ll need for complete creative control – How to Shoot, How to Edit and Create Effects and How to Store and Share.


Bshutterstock_255447811etter still….. even if you’ve never explored the art of photography before, everything will be explained in a way that you will find so incredibly easy to understand… and no confusing techno jargon!

Classes are suitable for all age groups from 11 Years to 99 Years.

All you need is your phone, a sense of humour and a desire to be creative.





What You’ll Discover

Here’s just some of the things you will learn::

  • How your Phone Camera works and how to use it to take great photos
  • How to take more control of your Phone using Apps (with a rundown of the best ones)
  • Advanced shooting techniques to gain maximum control over focusing and exposure
  • How to find compelling subjects including; with the family, on the street, in nature, while travelling and at night
  • How to develop your own photography style
  • A guide to use easy and fun editing functions
  • An overview of the best editing apps including one touch apps, filter based editing apps and professional editing apps and techniques
  • How to add text and graphic elements to your photos
  • How to share your images with family and friends through popular photo-sharing apps including Instagram
  • How to get your images ready to print and frame
  • Software you can use to manage, catalogue and store 1000’s of images so as you can easily find and retrieve the one you are looking for.
  • Plus so much more




Soon you’ll learn all you need know about your Smartphone Camera and the steps to taking photos that will totally impress your friends!